Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christian Metamorphosis

Have you ever thought about how much your life began to change after you turned to Christ? I'm not talking about being dragged to church by your parents and moving your lips along with the songs. I'm talking about truly having that "God moment". That was the moment when your "normal" life came to a screeching halt and you started to live for Him.

Those people you used to love hanging around and whom you thought hung the moon suddenly didn't seem so awesome anymore. You began to see how the things you once valued in life were just that...things. Things get old. Things lose their sparkle. Those things and those people were getting you nowhere fast weren't they?

At least now I have peace. I'm not talking about the no wars, no problems kind of peace. I'm talking about spiritual peace. That's the kind of peace that makes you humble. I know I'm now serving a higher purpose. The christian metamorphosis is not unlike that of a monarch butterfly. You burst forth into this beautiful new life. Now isn't that awesome?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What happened to our country?

Our coins display the catchy phrase, "In God We Trust". Oh really? Are you kidding me? We've gone from a society that promoted religion and ethics to a society that can't wait to get their hands on the latest celebrity gossip. What garbage! No wonder our kids are so screwed up and our country is in such a mess.

If we want to speak about God, we must find a little out-of-the-way place to do so. It can only be printed here and here as not to offend. Yet we are urged to show tolerance and acceptance to the gay and lesbian community. We need more articles written for them and about them. We also can't get enough ads for cars and SUVs that cost more than the average American makes in one year! Whatever happened to a nation that loved God and promoted that? I find this all very sad and disheartening.

We want reform and we want peace. Why not try going back to the old ways that work well? No one wants to go back. Let's just continue to move forward into the great abyss. We can't speak about God and how he changes so many lives because Paris has a new DWI and someone out there just paid twenty thousand dollars for a pair of boots on eBay worn by some famous teenage drama queen because her daughter, "Just had to have them". Oh and by the way, China is building bombs and they probably have our name written all over them. No worries. Let's go to the mall.